IoT Technology in Printed Electronics

Posted by Ashley Foster on March 13, 2020
Ashley Foster

IoT Technology in Printed Electronics

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be a difficult term to define.  According to Business Insider, the Internet of Things is easily defined as “A network of internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data.”

internet of things, IoT

More commonly used, the abbreviation IoT is used to describe how products can be connected.

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Printed Electronics with IoT Integration

IoT technology is easily integrated into the printed electronics world.  Products like biometric sensors, printed antennas, printed heaters, and force-sensing resistors are popular with IoT integration.  While some of these products do not have an IoT feature, hardware can be added to connect the product to other devices.

Biometric Sensing & IoT

Biosensors can be printed on to stretchable films.  This feature is great for wearable applications.  Biometric sensors can be added to soft shirts that make direct contact with your skin.  Since they are printed, they are so thin and flexible that you may not even realize that they are there.  A small piece of hardware can be added to link the sensors to a smartphone.  This hardware device can understand and collect the data from the sensors and send the data to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth integration.

Printed Antennas & IoTInternet of Things, IoT

Antennas like Near Field Communications (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can be added to many kinds of products for inventory tracking purposes.  These mini tags can be applied to products to reduce the amount of possible theft.  The tags use the Internet of Things by constantly sending out signals, which are received by a device once they are close together.  The most common use of this if for theft-proof sensors that are added to products inside of the store.  Once the product gets scanned the sensor is shut off.  If someone tries to leave the store without paying for it, the sensors at the doors will alarm the staff of the thief.

Printed Heaters & IoT

Imagine having a “hidden” heater in the seat of your car.  Traditionally, wire heating elements are installed into cars.  These wires are bulky, not self-regulating, and can be more prone to accidental fires.  Unlike the inefficient traditional wire heaters, printed heaters can be used to increase consumer comfort and safety.  Printed heaters that are installed into car seats can be connected to the rest of the car through IoT integration.  These heaters are also self-regulating and flexible, making them “hidden” while they are turned off.

Force Sensing Resistors & IoT

One of the most innovative industries is Robotics.  When force sensors are applied to the tips of robotic hands, it makes them more accurate and sensitive.  This is a huge breakthrough for medical robotics.  The hardware within the robot autonomously interprets the data collected from the sensors to adjust the amount of pressure that it provides.  Data can also be sent through multiple IoT applications like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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