Whether you have your own team of technical and artistic designers or need to outsource the whole process, our team is here to support your product’s development. Your part can reach the finish line faster by being designed for Full-Scale Production at the start of the journey.

Save Time & Money—No Strings Attached

  • Free up your team to focus on important work
  • Shorten time to quote and production
  • Improve supply chain efficiency by consolidating vendors
  • BEST OF ALL: You own the artwork and design files regardless of who produces it
A graphic artist editing a design file for a customer

Engineering Design

Our expert engineers are ready to support you in your product’s development. With decades of experience in multiple engineering disciplines, your product is in great hands.

    Designing for Production

    It can be intimidating to go from idea to full-scale production. Our engineering and operational excellence teams are here to collaborate to make sure your idea is ready.  Making a design "production ready" means the materials, measurements, and processes required for smooth manufacturing are accounted for in every aspect of the design. While making the best use of your budget and timeline. 

    Reverse Engineering

    If you have an existing part from a previous vendor and need to recreate it or reimagine it, we can help. We’ll collect as many details as we can and study your example part from the inside out to determine how best to recreate it in terms of overall design and functionality, while also making it production ready. 

Make Your Design Process Stress Free

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Graphic Design

Your product needs more than just to look cool, it also needs to be produced correctly. Our graphic designers are more than just skilled digital artists, they are technical experts in the printing process. Bring your vision to life while upholding your brand standards.

    Product Design

    • Designing for user experience
    • Meeting brand standards
    • Cohesive branding across multiple products
    • Color matching and design consistency
    • Modernizing outdated designs

    We can create artwork/design files for your product, or make adjustments to your artwork for you. Our in-house design team can help alleviate your team’s workload or fill the role as your design time. With 10,000+ fully produced designs across 30+ years, you can leverage our expertise to smooth out your project’s journey.

    Packaging Design

    • Outer packaging design
    • Blister packs
    • Packaging inserts
    • Product housing
    • Prototype displays and showcase materials

    Consider BTI for packaging design and production to consolidate vendors, keep designs consistent, and simplify your project’s timeline and budget.

    Promotional Materials

    • Banners
    • Posters
    • Flyers
    • Mailers

    Save time and simplify your project by having BTI design promotional materials to included with your final project or promote your parts. We can design promotional banners, posters, and prints for retail locations or for display in your facility.