Not all projects can go straight from design to production. Many customers want to see their designs in real life before they go to full-scale production. This way you are confident in how your part will function and look upon delivery.

Other designs require iterative development, especially for brand-new, cutting-edge projects. Your ideas don’t need to be fully fleshed out before starting the process with us. We are here to collaborate on the development of your ideas.

Continual Improvement

Your production process shouldn’t be stagnant. We have a dedicated team that focuses on finding new and better ways to produce your parts. Whether through alternative material sourcing or rethinking different aspects of the production process, many of our returning customers enjoy the benefit of their parts being produced better and more cost-effectively in future reorders.
The Future is Wearable

The Future is Here

In 2022, we partnered with a design firm to produce a fully functional biometric sleeve. Download our case study to learn more about this project.

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We Are Committed to Innovation

We pride ourselves on helping companies with technically challenging designs. Our curiosity drives us to innovate creative solutions.

Throughout the past 30 years, Butler Technologies has transformed itself from a printing brokerage firm into a printed electronics solutions provider. As a manufacturing facility, we play a vital role as a developer, helping clients turn ideas and needs into functional products, with our proof-of-concept development, prototyping, and research & development activities.


    New Inks and Materials

    We use a variety of inks and substrates from different suppliers—our goal is to find the right combination for your application. In the past, we’ve created our own mixes of inks and experimented with different formulations to provide our customers with the best possible products.

    The functional inks we use include a selection of conductive silver, carbon, and silver chloride inks, formulated to achieve the right balance between performance and cost. By combining these conductors with other printed electronic elements including dielectric inks, we offer the ability to form conductive traces and resistors that can be used in IoT, e-textile, smart surfaces, and many other applications.

    The Future is Wearable

    Wearables are the combination of fabrics and electronic components such as sensors, heaters, lights, and circuits that are worn by users. Because of the ability of the ink and substrate to flex and stretch, embedded sensors and circuits will conform to the body’s curvature and not hinder movement. Since these sensors are printed on thin films, very little weight is added to the fabric through the incorporation of this new technology.

    We’ve been experimenting and perfecting wearable technology since we partnered with Ralph Lauren to design the 2018 Winter Olympic jackets worn by the athletes during the opening and closing ceremonies.

    We are always searching for new ways printed electronics can be incorporated into wearables and other devices that interface with the human body. Contact our team today if you have an idea or think your product could benefit from wearable technology. We’ll help you get started from design to proof-of-concept to full-scale manufacturing.