Butler Technologies, Inc. does all three for you.

We are an engineering and design-driven manufacturer pushing the industry forward with wearable technology like biometric sensors and flexible heaters.

Our team of engineers and graphic artists are creating custom products that bring our customers back—printing, fabricating, and assembling what you need when you need it.

We focus on innovating our processes and leveraging our people to give you both the experience of a large national brand and the care that comes from being family-owned.

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Printed Heaters
Force Sensing Resistor
Biomatric Sensor

Top Brands Trust Us

My experience with Butler Technologies has been very good. The team there is very responsive and always one step ahead with any issues that may cause a glitch in manufacturing. I would definitely recommend them.

— Cathy Cowdery, Supply Planner, Parker Hannifin

Butler Technologies is a trusted and preferred business partner with Zoll Manufacturing. We have conducted business with BTI for many years. Over the years, BTI has provided exceptional support to our business - always going above and beyond. The employees at BTI genuinely care about what they do and their customers. BTI is always looking at creative ways to increase their brand and their market - providing cutting-edge, current technologies and applications. I look forward to many more years of partnering with the wonderful team over at Butler Technologies! 

—Josh Whitlinger, Procurement, Zoll

Butler Technologies makes business easy with their 5-star customer service. They are always polite and quick to respond to any questions or concerns. We value great communication and it contributes to the trusting relationship Pasco has built with Butler over the years. We look forward to many more years to come!

— Julie Hillman, Buyer/Planner, Pasco Tool & Plastics

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Maximizing Your Unique Opportunity

Imagine turning your idea into reality. Our custom solutions feature exceptional human interface design that makes the user experience elegant, enjoyable, and efficient.

Team USA Heated Jacket

  • Flexible Heater
  • Design
  • Engineering

The heating element is made from printed conductive inks, designed into the shape of an American Flag and bonded to the inside of the team’s opening ceremony parkas and closing ceremony bomber jackets.

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Bomber Jackets