At Butler Technologies, we believe it is our responsibility to live sustainability and reduce our environmental impact. As a manufacturing facility, we know we have a greater responsibility to manage our carbon footprint. We are continuously working to create sustainable processes for our customers and our people. 

Our Progress

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62.4 tons

waste diverted from landfills every year.

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50% women

make up our workforce. 

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584 hours volunteered

in the local community by our team.

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6% reduction

in energy usage despite adding more run-time.

Our Initiatives

Community Involvement

Sustainability starts in our local community. Each year, our entire team dedicates its Earth Day to cleaning up our local neighborhood in Butler, PA. We also established a designated community ambassador role to better serve other local businesses, charities, schools, and events.

Silver Ink Reclamation

Reducing our waste is not only recycling our trash but also reducing our manufacturing waste. Last year, we were able to reclaim 14 pounds of silver ink set to expire. We typically use silver ink to make printed electronics because of its high-conductivity properties. We plan to continue to recycle our expired ink each year.

Safer Place to Work

Sustainability stretches beyond recycling and also means creating a safer place to work. Ensuring our employees return home safely to their families has been and always will be a top priority for Butler Technologies, Inc. We've established a safety committee to reach our yearly goal of zero TRIR and DART incidents. 

Our Commitment

Sustainability is more than reducing our environmental impact or living "green." Sustainability is about creating sustainable processes and an equitable environment for our people, communities, and customers. To hold ourselves accountable, we have chosen to follow the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as our guide to progress. These goals are meant to help eradicate the world’s toughest problems, from climate change to gender equality. We will focus our efforts on: Good Health & Well-Being, Gender Equality, Decent Work & Economic Growth, Sustainable Cities & Communities, and Climate Action. We believe we can make the most impact for our people and communities in these areas.

Our sustainability journey is just beginning. We are always striving to be more sustainable. If you have questions or comments, please reach out using the form below. 


Sustainable Development Goals SDGs

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