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Butler Technologies' Heater Development Kit is a great place to start for innovation and new product development teams. Whether you are just looking for new ideas or have a product in mind, this kit will give you hands-on experience with our printed flexible heating technology. You can even sew this into an existing garment, and compare it with other heating technology out there. 


  • (4) Printed fixed resistance heaters on 2-way stretch fabric
  • A set of wire leads with snap adapters
  • A 7.4V 5500 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack
  • Battery charging brick and USB cable
Heater Dev Kit Product Photo_1

This printed heater is designed to be “proof of concept” for potential customers and partners to consider if this technology is right for their applications.

We have completed satisfactory heating performance in certain tests like washability, stretch, and bend. However, without knowing specific applications and environments, we cannot ensure that the heaters performance would meet ALL potential rigorous mechanical and thermal testing.

We only suggest using the provided connections and battery. Any variance to this may change performance and potentially result in non-desirable functionality.